Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tommy's Tuesday Tales

Tuesday 25th of October is a day that means different things to different people. To some, it means 6 days until Halloween, to others it means 2 months until Christmas, however for the team this year, it means cake to celebrate Peter's birthday.

We woke up at the painfully early time of 7am, which was rough... Really rough. We had to force ourselves out of bed and through the "shower" (personally I would prefer the more appropriate "dribble") making sure we remember to keep our mouths shut lest we ingest any of the water. Having completed this palaver, it was time for breakfast, meaning the usual toast (or frightened bread), porridge, eggs, fruit or curry, and when we all had finished this we made our way back up to room 309, (Tommy and Amanda's room) for our daily devotion. After singing some songs, including a spiritual medley of Oh When the Saints, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Sing Sing Sing all being sung at the same time, practising for our tea, performance at Kiran and Freddie's house on Friday. After a short thought for the day, and some notices, we were ready to go.

As we emerged from the YWCA, a sight of pure horror met our eyes... A new driver. This was terrifying as how would we know how mental he was on the roads?! It was quickly discovered that he was perfectly safe, which was a relief. The trip to Seelampur was easy and quick, and we arrived shortly after 9.30.

Subodh and the Asha team, including Shiv who wasn't there yesterday met us, and we had a small prayer meeting, with a few songs of worship in both Hindi and English which was quite hard to keep track of. Then after this, we had the really special opportunity to pray for people who wanted it, whether it be for healing, or for starting a new career, or provision of a new house. Then after this we divided up into teams. Katie led some sporting games (being a PE teacher) outside with the boys, and from, inside, we could hear nothing but shrieks of joy, and the other two teams were doing more painting of the jungle or fish room.

At 12.00, we all went round the slum. We sat in some peoples' houses and heard their stories and were able to pray. This was amazing, as we could see the joy and love the people had for their communities, despite having very little material things. I should add at this point that while we were doing this, Aideen was at Asha HQ poly clinic shadowing the doctor, which was apparently very interesting, as it was 'very efficient and kind'. Then after visiting and praying for 2 houses, we returned back for lunch.

This was bread, eggs, spread, and fruit and was again delicious. Then having eaten this, we made more progress on the two rooms for painting (I should add, with some really superb songs blasting out at immense volume), and John and Ena did some musical games with the girls, which went down an absolute treat. After this, there was a craft activity of decorating fish to hang in the fish room when we are done. After a cracking day, we were all tired and were able to get back into the cars and return home to the YWCA for relaxing, dinner and cake. All in all, a super day.

- Tommy

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