Monday, 3 October 2016

Delhi Trip 2016 . We had a refreshing and fun team building day on Saturday 1st 0ctober. This was planned to brilliant precision by Victoria and Tim. We were using the theme of Monopoly because ASHA have asked us to bring board games with us. We went to various Monopoly favourites that I had never actually been to before. We found out that Vine Street used to have the largest police station in Europe because it was a street of Brothels. It's now a tiny cul de sac. Scott showed us the site of the Reformers tree in Hyde Park , for the Park Lane stop, and he told us the history, which was very encouraging.  The rain was light and held off mostly. We all went home having had a lovely day. Please pray for good health for us on the trip and that we can serve God while we are there.if anyone can download a photo to this that would be great ? Thx. 


  1. Have a wonderful and blessed trip. May it be uplifting for all who travel and all who you encounter. Much love Sue Harper

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