Monday, 2 November 2015

31st October 2015

Today was our last visit to Jeevan Nagar, it was our earliest start of the trip as we wanted to be there early so we could spend as much time as possible with the kids and Asha Staff. The team had recovered one of the wounded soldiers from yesterday but Delhi-belly claimed another leader as a victim.

With two leaders down we set off and headed to the slum; somehow we managed to miss the dreaded Delhi rush hour and made it to Jeevan Nagar in record time. On arrival all the kids were there to greet us with big smiles and full of anticipation as today was the celebration day!

The celebration started with a prayer and worship, today was particularly special as we had been teaching them My Lighthouse over the week and by now they knew all the words and dance moves; they looked and sounded amazing!!! After the worship the kids performed some great dance routines for us and the a couple of the students shared what Asha meant to them, this was very moving! We then moved onto the speeches, as predicted things got emotional and people started to cry. Joel, being an absolute gent, was on hand with a pack of tissues. Once the tears had dried, the music started and this meant dancing for everyone...not for the first time on this adventure Mr Talbot showed off his cracking moves.

At the end of the celebration we exchanged gifts with the Asha staff then began the awful task of saying goodbye. Even though we had only met the kids at the start of the week, we had grown to love them so leaving them opened the flood gates of tears and there was barely a dry eye in the group by the time we had left.

Now our work in Jeevan Nagar was done we had a free afternoon...which meant SHOPPING!! I think Beth brought one of everything she saw!

Later in the evening Kira and Freddie invited us round to their house for dinner and to watch the world cup final. It was really good way to what has been a fantastic experience.


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