Monday, 2 November 2015

Friday 30th October

Today was our last full day in Jeevan Nagar...with the painting still someway off completion we knew that we had a very busy day ahead of us.

Disaster struck first thing in the morning as two of our team were hit with the dreaded Delhi-Belly. Amanda stuck behind to tend to our wounded soldiers and the rest of us jumped in the taxis to once again brave the Delhi roads. We arrived safely and were given a heroes welcome from the children and staff. By this point we all have started building great relationships with all the children and so it is just so exciting getting to see them all.

We had a brilliant day painting, doing crafts, drinking the delicious Masala Chai tea and playing with the children. The girls (and Sam) all got Henna in the afternoon, which looked brilliant and then by about five o clock the painting was completed and we got to show everyone the finished product. It looks quite good if I may say so...

In the evening Dave and Lauren went hunting (in vain) for Mark Zuckerberg who they heard was staying at a local hotel, Joel hit up a random wedding he somehow got invited to whilst everyone else took the opportunity to relax and emotionally prepare themselves for the big farewell party tomorrow...

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