Friday, 30 October 2015

Thursday 29th October

Today saw the day of the Asha East meets West concert, a frankly daunting and hateful prospect for about 100% of our touring party. However, a half day at Jeevanagar beforehand lifted spirits with a yet again stunning umpteenth performance of My Lighthouse and a fabulous rendition of 'This is the Day' from our Jeevanagar counterparts, a personal favourite of our co-team leader Bethan.
After a half day packed full of painting (of mixed results I must admit) and hours of street cricket and craft, our drivers came to pick us up to ship us back to the YWCA for some 'chilling'. Unfortunately, less than two metres into our commute home one of our drivers decided to crash into a passing car, causing a typically Indian brawl to take place and many completely unrelated strangers seizing on the opportunity to argue with one another. Meanwhile, we politely stayed in our cars and sat the whole thing out in the most British way possible. One hour later, we took the roads again and made it back to the YWCA unscathed.
The evening saw the East meets West concert, which saw our group performing what has to be described as a somewhat average rendition of Pharrell's Happy, admittedly not helped by the sound team's inability to start our backing track at the start of the track. Our set also included a piano solo from Joel, an acrobatic performance from Louise and Nat (I think it's fair to say they can both touch their toes), and a performance of. Hillsong's This is Living by Lauren, accompanied by Joel, Sam and Tommy. The concert also included a performance from each of the slums that the volunteer teams were working in, and it was really amazing to see the kids we had been working with in the slum showcase their many amazing talents which they would otherwise never get the chance to do. Two of the dance groups from the slums had their routines choreographed by older students from the slum itself.
The concert had started half an hour later than planned (tis India after all) and gone on a lot longer than expected too, so the post-concert dinner was embraced with open arms by all. We were presented with another delicious array of curries and Indian sweets and delicacies, and all were very much enjoyed by each person at the dinner. We returned home with bellies filled and eyes dreary, and as much rest as possible would be wise before another packed day at Jeevanagar awaiting us on Friday.

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