Monday, 26 October 2015

Sunday 25th October

Another lovely nights sleep at the YWCA followed by breakfast in the diner. We then gathered in Amanda and Beth's room for some worship, prayer and a thought for the day. Beth shared a great word about how God has gone before us and we do all that we do because He has sent us. Such an encouragement!

Our very trusty drivers then arrived and out we headed into the chaos that is the Delhi roads for our sight-seeing day. Tuk-tuks tooting, cars swerving...we've never loved seat belts so much! A new experience for many of us was being approached in the traffic by beggars asking for money...heartbreaking, especially as we knew that we ought not to give them any as it will just go to their master.

We arrived at our first destination: Qutb Minar. After walking across the road (an experience in itself), we entered the gates and were immediately surrounded by beautiful trees. Looking ahead we see it: the 73m high tower, surrounded by carved, beautiful ruins. Onto the next...

Lodi Gardens were lush and green, full of Indian families and loved-up, courting couples. We wandered around taking pictures in various alcoves, and were even treated to Joel and Sam doing their best catwalk impressions along one of the many pathways. Quite the talent.

And finally, we made it to Humayun's Tomb, an extravagant complex and a forerunner to the Taj Mahal. Photo opportunities galore. Despite being in the heart of  New Delhi where peace and quiet is something only to be imagined, the whole site seemed to instil calm in all of its guests. We even managed to get up on the platform, look out over the slum we'll be at tomorrow and pray.

Our evening has so far consisted of the wifi working and so a well-needed social media fix for many, followed by cricket the the Talbot's room (much to Lauren's dismay), a scrumptious dinner and then watching the Australia-Argentina Rugby World Cup Semi-Final. Bedtime soon as we have an early start tomorrow and our first day in the slum. Let's go! 

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