Monday, 26 October 2015

Saturday 24th October

After waking up still feeling slightly jet lagged from the flight on Thursday/ Friday, we where picked up and taken to the ASHA headquarters where we met some of the Asha staff- Anita, Feddie and Usha.
We where told about what ASHA do, what they have done already for the 60 slums they work with and what they hope to do in the years to come as well as the ASHA values. We then had lunch (dominoes pizza- a classic! and an orange soda) which all tasted delicious. Anita and Usha then took us to one of the main markets in Delhi which was rammed packed with people and stalls, where we all bought our Indian outfits- which all look fab.
After what seemed like a long day, we headed back to the YWCA where we tried on our new and traditional Indian outfits, and relaxed before having dinner in the restaurant on sight and watching the New Zealand win against South Africa in the rugby! 

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