Friday, 9 October 2015

Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!

It’s less than 2 weeks till we go to Delhi, and preparations are in full swing, and we are fundraising like crazy! We are all so excited to go, and are frantically trying to sort out the last bits and pieces. We are taking a team from Older Youth, this is the second time a youth team has been, and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

A couple of Saturdays ago we took a day out of our busy schedules, and spent the day as team hanging out and getting to know each other better. We spent the day being tourists in London! In total we visited 12 sights from The Shard to The London Eye, and at each stop we took a group photo; which we are going to use to make some funky posters to take with us to Delhi, to give them a taste of what London is like. We had an amazing day together and took over 22,000 steps! So you can imagine by the end of the day we were pretty tired, but it was so worth it as we all got to know each other so much better.

In terms of fundraising, this time a couple of weeks ago we were slightly worried we weren't going to make our target, but God is so good and since then we have raised loads of money through different events, from a Movie Night to a Gig to a huge Cake Sale which raised over £400 on its own!

We will be posting on the blog in the run up to leaving and whilst we are in Delhi, so we hope you enjoy reading our adventures. Please be praying for us in our final preparations, that God would have his hand on us, and we would know his presence and protection as we take this trip.

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