Monday, 26 October 2015

Today was our first day in Jeevan Nagar, and we had an incredible day. We received the best welcome when we arrived and the children gave us all flower garlands to wear. We then sat in the Asha centre with lots of the children and the Asha staff, and introduced ourselves , which somehow turned into them singing us numerous songs so beautifully, and then us trying to sing songs to them not so beautifully!

After introductions, we all bundled into the playground and played cricket with some of the boys, and we lost, much to their delight! Then it was time to get cracking with drawing the murals for the rooms we are painting; we are having two themed rooms, one jungle and the other 'under the sea'. So some of us spent the afternoon drawing tigers and sharks and the rest bit stuck in and made friendships bracelets with some of the children.

We finished the day by going to visit some of the families in the slums, and we were welcomed into their homes with open arms. The women who live there with their families take such pride in their houses, and there is not a speck of dust anywhere. It was so amazing to speak to the women and to hear some of their stories and to meet their children. We even got to hold a gorgeous 3 month old baby!

Then we headed back to the YWCA and played a lot of Irish snap whilst waiting for our curries! Today has been incredible but tiring, so time for an early night!

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