Friday, 19 February 2010

Last Working Day

Hi All. Today is our final day - painting and prayer walking. We tackled a really nasty bit of the health centre as well as the loos!!!!!!! All in a good cause!!!! The morning began with a group of us praying for the Asha team - a very special time with pictures and words of knowledge for individuals - all were very blessed and so were we. A group of us went for a visit to the slum houses and were invited in to pray for specific needs - cancer, exams, jobs, new roof, new home and an elderly lady with a son unable to support her - it was a privilege to be asked into their homes and they were so open to being prayed for.

Tomorrow is the celebration, so we have been preparing our little contribution - a dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much to most of the teams surprise!! Alan is dancing so no video of this event!!!!! SORRY! As the afternoon came to an end there was a chance to sing and dance with the young children - they were thrilled with the Hokey Cokey! Half of the team (John all day) were clinging to a ledge above the centre courtyard, scraping and painting with all their might in the hot sun - they have lovely tans!!! Not sure how much of it is dust t! So now we have complete our tasks at the slum. The sum of five days hard toil and labour as we stood in the courtyard and looked at the myriad of rooms which we have now transformed with murals, borders , posters, bunting etc. Everyone feels relieved and excited about the future of this transformed Asha building, It is well equipped to serve the needs in the slums and especially with the staff who remain so loyal in all they do each day. Our prayer is that God continues to bless them richly in their work.

On the way home, some of us went to see Old Delhi - we were taken round by two of the older children from the slum, excellent guides. None of us had seen anything like it in our lives. One street, very narrow, only sold wedding decorations - it shone from end to end with sparkle and colour, Amazing!! Took the metro back to Connaught Place and then a hair raising trip in a tuk tuk to a restaurant for a South Indian meal - yummy!!

Thank you so much for all your comments and prayers - so appreciated by all, Cant believe we will be packing tomorrow and soon home.

Hugs and kisses, Karen and Heather xx

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  1. Oh how we remember the privilege of painting the loos!! I wonder whether the ones in Seelampur are of a similar standard to those we saw in Maya Puri.

    Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow; maybe a small amount of video via a mobile phone? Dance your socks off and may your small contribution bring pleasure to your audience.

    It has been a joy to read your blogs and wish I could be back there with you; such memories.

    We are all praying for you as you finish your time in Delhi, and for a safe journey home.

    Love Anita xx


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