Monday, 8 February 2010

Prayer Points

We would love to be supported in prayer whilst we are away.

Here are some suggestions:

  • For good health, esp tummy-wise that we avoid "Delhi belly"!
  • For safety travelling, esp in the mini bus on Delhi's busy roads.
  • That we gel as a team, working well together and supporting one another
  • That our painting is productive and creative, and the murals all get done!
  • That the workshops we run with the children and young people are useful to them, fun and interactive. (We do not want to be at all patronising, but instead supportive and encouraging)
  • That we can be a blessing to the people we meet in Seelampur, esp those we pray with.
  • That we can bless and encourage the Asha staff team working in Seelampur
  • That we can take the light of Jesus into the slum, bringing hope, healing and blessing.

We will update the blog as we go, so please keep a look out for latest prayer requests!

Thank you so much! Amanda and the team xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda and all the team! I am sitting at my desk looking out at a rather grey sky with a touch of drizzle, and thinking of you all. I hope the journey was good and we will certainly be supporting you in prayer. God bless! Love Jane R x


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