Thursday, 4 February 2010

Photos of Seelampur

Here are some photos of Seelampur slum colony that Asha have sent us. This is the slum that our team will be working in. It is the east of New Delhi on the other side of the Yamuna River. It is a mainly muslim slum that Asha have been working in for quite a few years.

Parts of Seelampur look quite open and parts look more built up.
All of it looks very poor and dirty....a hard place to live!

But the smiles of the children speak of hope, dignity and life!

Its strange to think that we will be there to see for ourselves next week!


  1. We all send you love and prayers during your time in Seelampur. Wish we could be there with you once more. May God's light shine through you as you serve both Him and the community. Love and prayers to everyone.

    Love Anita xx

  2. Well done everyone . I pray the tums are not too bad .I do want to come back and experience what you are.Love to All Michael Phillips


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