Friday, 5 February 2010

Introducing the 2010 team

We are a team of 11, consisting of two people that have been to work with Asha before (Amanda Clegg and Heather Brown) and nine others, for whom it is the first time.
  1. Amanda Clegg (team leader)
  2. Heather Brown
  3. Jez Barnes (the vicar!)
  4. Chris Brecht
  5. Helen Putland
  6. Karen Jones
  7. Julie Ward
  8. Chris Gavin
  9. Alan Branch
  10. Jon Pickston
  11. Eleanor Pickston

Here are some team photos from our team building fundraising day in January, where we did a Sightseeing Tour of London, visiting 11 destinations around the capital that we thought the children in Seelampur would like to know about.

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  1. We are with you in love and prayers! From Hadley, Ricarda, Emily and Annica
    May the Lord bless you and keep you!


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