Sunday, 19 February 2012

A few lines from each of the team on our last day..
Traveling back on the bus...
Life as I knew it before has definitely changed, I have now seen the best example of community which has enriched the lives of the people in Zakhira slum with happiness, they absolutely know what is the most important and blessed gift that God gave humans, have learnt and enjoyed this trip to its max!

This week has been incredible. The work that asha does is truly amazing. I have been humbled by the perseverance of the people in the slum despite their very difficult circumstances. I Have thoroughly enjoyed the welcome we received and the love that they have shown us. I will miss them a lot.

I will never forget my time at Zakhira. All the people there have been so inspiring and it has been such a privilege getting to know them. It is so humbling seeing how welcoming and joyful the people are despite their incredibly difficult circumstances. It is so sad to be leaving and I will miss everyone, especially the children, very much.

I loved hearing one of the Community Health Volunteers who gave a speech at the ceremony talk about how when ASHA first came she didnt go out of her house. But now she knows her neighbours and was giving a speech in front of a big crowd of people.

Its very hard to find the words to describe the last nine days. Today has been amazing, the hospitality, welcome and love we have seen. Leaving, I know I will take the people of zakhira with me forever. They have given me the greatest sense of Gods love and blessing and sense of community.
Hannah x

It was so hard to leave today and I feel like I am leaving behind part of my family. It has been an incredible experience and such a privilege to meet so many wonderful people and be on a great team! The people here have showed us so much kindness and acceptance. I will remember them forever! God has taught me to trust in Him and have faith, the faith of those in Zakhira is inspirational may God bless them now and forever, Amen x
Kay-Marie x

Today was just as hard as I had thought it might be. The wonderful people of ZAKHIRA broke my heart with their welcome, opening their homes to us, spending time with the children and the students, making us part of the colony even though we have only been with them for a week. The way they care for all those in their community is a lesson in humility for all of us in the West. Dr Kiran moved us to tears with her profound love for the lost, how they love her too along with Rani, Shiny and their ladies. I pray that as we leave for home tomorrow we will carry our new friends in our hearts forever. May God bless the work of ASHA and all who serve them.
Anita xx

Well, the team have been wonderful and so have the people in Zakhira....they really demonstrate how to love your neighbour. We have much to learn from them, and are poor in ways that they are rich and vice versa. I thank God for all that He has done in the last 10 days.....and am now looking forward to some sleep!
Amanda xxx
Ps Galatians 5:16-25

Evening a the hotel...

Somehow our small actions of group work, painting and praying for people seem to have had an amazingly deep impact on the community of Zakhira. Their words of appreciation were profound and deeply meant. It has been wonderful to see God at work through us. Thank you Lord and thank you Asha for your incredible work. Thank you those of you at home for your prayerful support. Alex

(falling asleep)
I'll never forget the little girl that kept running up to me giving me hugs, I hold a very special place in my heart for everyone in Zachira.

(gone midnight)
I hope our team effort has helped the people in Zachira, I know God loves them and has blessed us both just by sharing the last week together. For sure I saw first hand how happiness is dependant on our disposition and not by our circumstances! God bless them and keep them, both Zachira and the work Asha is doing there. As Gandhi once said "we must be the change we want to see in this world"
Ps Galatians 5:16-25

(saturday morning on way to airport)
Last day at the slum, or should i say another home :) Even though it was short i have made several friends, They are a part of God family, my family. It breaks me to leave them, but i know my God is there with them. He will guide them as he
guides me. Can't wait to go back, to see how they would of grown.

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