Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nearly time to go!!! I can't contain my excitement as i think about travelling to Delhi this Thursday. It has come round so quickly! We had our last team meeting Wednesday of last week, to go over final preparations for the trip. We got out flight details, sorted out what things to take in our suitcases and we found out who we would be sharing a room with. Now it's time to pack and get ready for the journey ahead.

God is already doing incredible things as we prepare ourselves. I was on the phone last night to the Virgin Atlantic Airlines trying to figure out how to book my guitar on the flight, not knowing if i was going to be able to pay for it, (God had already provided me with the funds for the flight and for the food and accomodation) but after having much trouble with my phone and getting very frustrated, God gave me peace and eventually i got through to the helpdesk which then they told me that we get 2 checked in pieces of luggage, so i wouldn't have to pay for my guitar, and that i may even be able to take it on as hand luggage! God is good and i can't wait to see what else He is going to do :)

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the fundraising for ASHA, we have raised about £4,400 so far and there is still more to come. We had such fun at our curry night's getting to know friends and family of the team and eating and sharing lots of delicious Indian dishes! The swishing party was also a success, lots of people swapping clothes, socializing and drinking tea!

I am surprised how my excitement is over ruling my nerves at the moment, but i know many of us, including myself are feeling slightly aprehensive of what to expect. There are lots of things to be praying about and we would love it if you joined us in our prayers, interceeding for ASHA and the Zakhira slum and praying for a few practical things such as:

Alex is struggling with a bad back would be great if we could pray for healing for that and for good health for all of us as we go (Amanda also has back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of tension…). I am sure there are other health matters I don’t know about, so please pray we are all fit and healthy and full of energy when we go.

Also please pray for our fundraising and that we gel really well as a team when we are in Delhi. We will still be able to receive money when we get back as our account doesn't close until the 31st of March, so don't feel like you are too late if you feel called to donate some money! Also please pray that we are effective and an encouragement in all we do in Zakhira and that we don’t surcome to Delhi belly as well!

Well that is all for now and the next update we will be about to embark on this incredibly exciting adventure!!!

God Bless xx


  1. Well done you lot. So glad about the guitar . God is great all the time.At least you do not have the covering of snow that I have woken too.
    God bless you all


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