Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hi everyone! We are writing this on Alan's iPad in the minibus on the way back from Zakhira to the YWCA, which is a challenge given the bumpy roads and the crazy stop-start traffic! Everyone is well again, so thank you so much for your prayers.

Today we have done what seems like a million things, everyone has been busy and the Asha centre has been filled with chatter, laughter and the noise of boys and girls playing games. As we arrived at the slum, the children who were already waiting started shouting hooray and clapping. In the morning we continued with our painting, beautiful shoals of fish, colourful corals and a submarine in one room then a gorgeous tiger, cheeky monkey and a magnificent snake in the other, with the help of the amazing paint man (who mixes every colour by hand with his hands!) and the very unstable bamboo ladder.

Several of us went for a slum walk in the Muslim area of the slum with Rani and Shiney. It is very poor, with even smaller homes and most of the roofs are just plastic sheeting. It was a privilege to pray but there were lots of tough situations, several women who were in very abusive marriages, a destitute widow, problems with infertility, alcohol abuse as well as health issues. It was humbling to pray for them and there were a few tears along the way, but God is good and we trust them to him. As usual there were some gorgeous children with the most amazing smiles, and some very cheeky looking little boys! Back at the Centre, Peter masterminded another fantastic session with the kids who adore him and his endless enthusiasm and fun craft activities (thanks Debs!) although we are starting to run out of idea's but Peter seems to be able to make games up on the spot, thank god!

After lunch some people went to see a pre-wedding ceremony, which involved a groom being covered in turmeric in his underpants and all the women in the slum dancing around and they do that 7 days in a row up to the wedding, Alex ran a session with the students on interview technique. Nadine is literally a God send with her Hindi translation and Shammah is learning fast too. Alex, Hannah and I were interviewed and videoed by Vinola from Asha HQ, so they can encourage others to come to the slums.

We are off out to dinner with Kiran and Freddy to Chicken Inn, remember it anyone, it is next to Have More in Pandara Market. Should be fun.
Tomorrow we are painting and praying for the Zakhira staff team in the morning, and then visiting Seelampur in the afternoon.
Love to all and pray for's full on!

This little girl came running out to give me a big hug today, he is so cute it really made my day.

Amanda and Sarah

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