Thursday, 2 February 2012

It is starting to feel very real now! All our fundraising events and preparation meetings have almost come to an end and it is nearly time for us to embark upon this exciting adventure!

We all got together on the 14th of January to travel around London to take photos of many different key places in the city, to take with us to the Zakhira Slum, in Delhi. We each were designated a place, which we would then create a poster about so those out in Delhi could see a bit of London. It was a great day of fellowship, sharing and getting to know one another before the trip begins. Some of us even experienced parts of London for the first time! We walked for 9 hours and ended the trip with a fantastic boat ride up the river thames to our final destination.

What a day! I am now really looking forward to our other upcoming events to help raise money for ASHA.

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