Thursday, 9 October 2014

2014 team preparations.

Excitement is  building for the 2014 St Stephens ASHA team.  It has been good getting to know one another as we prepare.  Amanda Clegg leads the team of Ken and Heather Brown,  Chris Askwith, Roanna Grims, Kim and Rachael Hare, Karen and Rosie Jones, Christine and Tom Milton and Rafaela Rollins. 
We had a brilliant day sponsored sightseeing in London but were not brave enough to hire all the Boris bikes.... Saturday sees our cake sale in Crown Road, a second curry night next week and Karen is holding a swishing party on Sunday 19 October.  We aim to raise £500 each as a gift to ASHA, a little way to go.  So, now you know who we are and we hope that you will enjoy joining our adventure by reading our blog and praying for us as we leave on Thursday 23rd - just over two weeks to go.

Posted by Christine Milton

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  1. The Asha Team 2014 was prayed for this morning at the 10.30 am service at St Stephen's. So, we're now in the last few days before we fly off to Delhi. In fact we're going this Thursday which is Diwali, so the flight will probably be an experience in itself! Party time! We've also been surprised to find out that the temperature in Delhi has been 34 degrees C today, and it's going to continue around that temperature. It's gonna be hot!


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