Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Today was our first full day at Tigri, and we started the day with the daily devotion singing"Our God is a great Big God" with actions that the children could join in.
 Soon after we split into groups, with half the team starting on painting the jungle themed wall Muriel which is already really starting to take shape. Other members of the team played a friendly cricket match with the boys,whilst the girls had great fun making friendship bracelets and having their nails painted with nail art and glitter. We also got to meet some more of the children and students, including two girls who both studied political science at Delhi University.
After a busy day we had a lovely dinner organised by Asha were we got to meet the other teams in Delhi as well as some of the main organisers and team leaders who were invited to share a few words about their experiences, including our very own Amanda. We also got to hear about some of Asha's more recent work and the great successes that are happening through their Student Ambassador and Internship programmes. The evening ended on a high with everyone excited for the future ambitions and work of Asha.


  1. Sounds amazing, well done Team Asha.
    Love and prayers
    Sally x

  2. Wonderful! Thinking of you all here, "refreshing" is the word that comes to mind, May God refresh you all so that you can leave the refreshing fragrance of Jesus! God bless and love to you all... Chris :)


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