Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wednesday -  a new day to face the incredible Delhi traffic, but with our Asha driver at the wheel we seem to weave our way and avoid major collisions!!
Our morning in Tigri began with a time of worship and prayer - Ken shared the passage Matthew 6 v25 -34 which was translated into Hindi for all to hear and we sang together.
We were asked to tell the children the Christmas story so, to make it fun and visual, we decided to put on a nativity show!!! The cast:
Mary:  Rachael
Joseph: Tom
Donkey: (no donkey as Chris decided he would rather be a shepherd) we made noises instead.
Inn keeper: Kim
Shepherds: Chris and Ken. (All made sheep noises)
Kings: Amanda, Karen, Christine - bearing gifts of ginger and sunglasses ( well you have to improvise in Delhi)
Angels: Roanna, Rafaela, Rosie
Narrator: Heather
Great performance by all and almost a standing ovation ( certainly a lot of clapping).
we are open to offers for the nativity at st. Stephens if you need volunteers!  Contact our agent!,
We then bust into massive craft activities of colouring Christmas story wheels and
Christmas cards and decorating Christmas trees with all the glitter and bling imaginable - everyone loved it.  We also taught the children to make loom band bracelets and rings etc.  Loom bands are now a favourite in Tigri.
Whilst some were having great fun with the craft, Chris was slaving in the lobby straddled on a bamboo ladder (dodgy rungs, in fact missing rungs) and others were continuing with the 'Muriel' which will be finished tomorrow.
In the afternoon, we were so pleased to meet the university students who were keen to learn about interview techniques.  We each had 3 students and we gave them mock interviews and then lots of advice, key skills and encouragement. They are amazing young people who through the most difficult situations have succeeded in obtaining degrees and are looking for jobs. We were glad to help.
A group went for a prayer walk and were invited into homes. Then began our journey home though the rush hour traffic ( actually it's always the rush hour here).
A few of us had the energy to go shopping before supper, so Amanda took us to the  Emporium where we enjoyed choosing some presents for the Tigri workers to be given later at the celebration party.
We have just enjoyed a varied selection of Indian foods for supper at the YWCA and having had a lovely chai tea we are all ready for bed.
Thank you for your prayers and support.  More news tomorrow. 


  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog, and my prayers for you are full of thanksgiving to our wonderful Father God.

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