Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thursday - Today was our last 'working' day in Tigri. Durning the morning devotion we adventurously sung a Hindi song. After this Chris successfully set about explaining the Good Samaritan through a translator focusing on how we will always remember them as God does too. With only half a day to finish our 'Muriel' a few members of the team set to work finishing the wonderful jungle scene. Meanwhile the majority of the boys assembled outside for a collection of ball games which unsurprisingly quickly developed into a game of cricket. With some questionable bowling from the opposition I managed to loose all of my games :( despite these three considerable loses the children in my team still had broad smiles across their faces.

As the heat increased we retired inside for some crafts. Soon the rooms were full of card lions along with sari dressed card people. As lunch approached we finished our painting and put up our posters. Now that every room had some colourful decoration we were ready to pack away the last few days of mad mess. With the scissors, pens and paints cleared away we were ready  for our second excursion of the day.

Having spent four days in Tigri slum we took the exciting journey to Kalkiji slum. One of the first slums in which Asha worked we experienced the ways in which the slums vary. With taller slum buildings Kalkiji seems as though it is busier. In a similar manor to our first morning in Tigri we introduced our selves and had a time to ask question to a group of girls from the balmandl and to a  group of university students hearing about the ways in which they had helped to reduce tuberculosis in the area. The main difference in the Asha setup here was that there were more community health volunteers. They showed us their simple medicine boxes and explained how they ran their 'clinics'. After this we had a short slum visit and returned to the YWCA via Qutub Minar an amazing stone tower built in 1193.

Tomorrow will be our final day in Tigri, we will spend the morning in the Asha HQ and in the afternoon we will unveil our paintings in an end of week celebration in Tigiri. 

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