Sunday, 13 February 2011

2011 Team preparations

Well there are now only 3 days to go until the 10 of us are due to meet at T3 at Heathrow to check into our flight to Delhi. It is exciting and a little daunting. I at least know mostly what to expect, although as we are going to a different slum, the building we will be working in and Asha staff we will be working with will be different. For the rest of the team, with the exception of Chris Gavin who came with me last year, it will a completely new adventure.
Tonight we are being prayed for in church at the 6pm service which will be great.
Please do hold us in your prayers...for good sleep (dispite jet lag and the loudspeakers from the Gurdwara next door), good health, energy and safety doing our practical tasks and travelling on Delhi's chaotic roads. Please pray that we are able to be a real blessing to the Asha staff and the slum dwellers whom we go to serve. May we be bearers of hope in a dark place! Amanda xx

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