Friday, 18 February 2011

Hi there everyone! Just posting this to let you all know that we have arrived and are chilling out at the ywca after our long overnight flight which was very smooth and with very little turbulence. We were greeted at the airport by Bimal a smiling Asha driver who was holding a large sign reading AMANDA ASHA - a very nice welcome! The weather here is lovely - it feels like a nice summers day - a pleasant change from back home! We have all checked into our rooms which are on the opposite side of the building to the Gurdwara, which will hopefully mean we all get good nights sleep, and are all on the 3rd floor. It's 6 o'clock here, and we will go out and get some early food before catching a good nights sleep in preparation for our induction at the Asha HQ tomorrow morning. Love from us all, thank you for your prayers, keep them up! Alex and Amanda xx


  1. Glad to hear you've all arrived safely - looking forward to your updates and prayer requests. Much love & blessings, Jennifer

  2. Glad you had an easy journey and and are safely installed in the YWCA - great news about the Gurdwara! Hope the Asha induction goes well today and that you get some good sightseeing in tomorrow. Praying for you all! Lots of love, Jonathan

  3. Good to hear about the work you are doing and glad you got there safely. Will be praying that you might have God's wisdom and all the strength you need for the work. Hi Jeremy!!

  4. Hi Amanda and team

    Glad to hear you arrived safely and are settling in! I wanted to let you know that when we prayed for you in church last Sunday I had a picture of a (very benign!) swarm of bees. It was a lovely picture with lots of movement, and held these promises I felt...

    - work and productivity and the value of this
    - your unity as a team
    - buzz and excitement
    - the Holy Spirit being very active amongst you

    There is also the connection to pollination and fruitfulness and springtime. God bless you!




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