Friday, 25 February 2011

Last Working Day at Trilok Puri

Another 9am pick up at the YWCA by Vimal. Glorious sunshine above the smog and no sign of the promised rains. On arrival at the Centre we divided up to ensure we covered off the final tasks. A surprise request was the addition of a height chart which will be used to measure pregnant women's height - those below a certain height are considered to have additional health risks during their pregnancy so it is an important simple addition. Margo then decorated this with further colourful characters. The team added several extra paintings in the 'jungle' room and completed the downstairs room. The keenness to paint continued as each doorway in the centre was decorated with painted flowers. On stepping back we are all amazed at what we have achieved in each of the rooms.

Chris and Alex continued with the ever popular cricket with the boys before they went off to school. We then were taken through the health record keeping that is undertaken. The incredible detail would be an admired by any hospital, allowing ASHA and ourselves to understand what does and perhaps does not work. Number of births, inoculations, men, women, children and a variety of other data is compiled into a year end report. Each mother 'to be' receives a detailed record card, a copy of which is kept at the centre. Each child then receives a card to record their progress. This data is also recorded within a series of large books held at the centre. No use of computers is made until the data is recorded at the ASHA centre.

We were then offered another superb lunch by the ladies of the centre. Rice, dal and chapati were very welcome along with crisps and fruit, certainly more than enough to recharge us for the afternoon.

Next it was Henna time. Try and catch up with any of the team in the next week or so and you will see the variety of decorations, some more exotic than others. There may be some explaining to do. The girls are incredibly artistic and thoroughly enjoyed painting our hands and arms. We are told it will fade....
Friday afternoon is a regular prayer meeting for all who wish to join. We all sit cross legged on the floor thinking the room was full, but the women kept streaming in, until there was no space left on the floor. Led by a drummer, the women sang a number of lively worship songs, then turned to us to do the same. Our unaccompanied singing does not quite match to theirs, but it was good to worship with everyone there. The women encourage each other through their testimonies, which ranged from praying for lost motor cycle keys to praying for health and healing. Their joy at their answered prayers is always encouraging and we in turn shared a few testimonies with them. It was a good time which we closed by breaking into small groups and praying for individuals.
Dave and Sue

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