Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Going well...

Day two and three...
The jungle...
The jungle has grown well and several monkeys, a parrot, couple of toucans, lions, a big yellow spotted snake and a rather large tiger have now taken up residence in the Asha clinic. The other room simply teems with aquatic creatures of all sorts, some familiar to me (Chris Gavin or... Tiger Chris as I am now known - guess what I painted!) from last year including a couple of rather brilliant sharks... we're probably close to finishing the last two out of three rooms now.
Prayer walking...
We have all been on prayer walks now and have been very impressed with the people who are living here as well as the hugely significant changes. We are made to feel very welcome in each home we visit and offered cold drinks, sometimes chai and once even our dinner! We have definitely seen how much Asha can help.

I think we all felt that we were being shown the best homes to show what a difference Asha makes. Last night one prayer point I requested was that we might meet some people in need and that I would hear God more clearly when praying. We were walking through one of the tiny streets when a woman called us to enter her house. She told us of financial problems and repeated health problems in her family. She also said that there was no unity amongst the family and as with most of the visits we were asked to pray. This time I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me with simple scriptures and as we prayed I felt God was going to significantly change this womans life. Our host Surita then encouraged this woman to come along to the prayer meeting on Friday and said she would give her a New Testament.

At our final visit of the morning we were in a room with several women including a fully veiled bride and a tiny baby... A woman arrived who identified herself as a Christian and authenticated this by saying she was married to a man named Samuel. She then told the person who lived there not to allow us to pray. Sweeta, our host, said this woman did not even live in the slum and felt there was an evil spirit involved. Sadly the woman who lived there decided to listen and so we didn't pray openly as we respected her wishes. Returning to the clinic we stopped in a lane which Surita said experiences much trouble with a person who comes and shouts... there is also opposition to Asha's work there. We stopped and asked God to deal with this situation and to make a change.
I am glad we are moving in places in need of change thank God :)

There is loads more: Sue Dave, Jeremy and Margo gave some motivational and interview technique talks to the students today, we had a joint prayer meeting with testimonies and a shared lunch in the clinic, a huge pot of flavoured rice and greens with our usual bananas and coke... As a bit of a teaser, yesterday we inspected a toilet block... ask the team when we get back! The children are brilliant and we always have the opportunity to ask for God's blessing on them... The politness and willingness of the boys to greet us is great and surprisingly this carries through the range of ages from young to old.
We are all (very) thankful for good health and for your prayers at home... Be very assured, God is answering :)
Amanda is leading us really well, but a good night's sleep would do her the world of good.
God bless you all with love from
Delhi Team 2011
Psalm 16:11

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  1. Hi everyone. Great to read your blogg - I am not surprised that you are meeting up with the need to deal with spiritual warfare - Asha and you are God's ambassadors - Ken and I were reading this morning from Ephesians 6 and I feel vs 17 is for you all - 'Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of parayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on paraying for all the saints. Vs 19 Ken and I will be praying for you - we will pray that whenever you open your mouths, words will be given to you so that you will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which you are ambassadors. Tonight we are helping with the drop-in and Ken is going to be speaking and I am singing so these verses are very real for us too!! Let Amanda know that we will be praying for deep rest for her tonight and continued good health for you all.
    The murals sound fantastic - looking forward to the pictures - not sure I envy you the visit to the toilet block tho!!! Have a great evening.
    God bless, heather xx


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