Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday In Delhi

Officially our day off... well we haven't done anything to deserve a day off yet, however, we took advantage to see some of the sights of Delhi. The plan was to start at India Gate, but the Delhi Marathon put paid to that and so we headed for Lodi Gardens. What a tranquil spot. Lovely sunshine with couples and families enjoying the day out. I'm not sure I've seen quite so many stray dogs about - here too there were plenty lazing in the glorious sun. It's spring here, with marigolds, sweetpeas and many other bright colourful flowers already in full bloom. After a wander around the various 600+ year old tombs, we made our way to the American Diner for lunch. I know, we should be more adventurous, but we opted for a safe lunch.
After lunch we headed for Humayun's Tomb, where the crowds were certainly growing and the clouds were gathering. We spent an hour or so there and made it back to our vehicle before the thunder and lightning and the heavens opened.
Our driver, Bimal, then negotiated the traffic back to India Gate, where we dashed from the car to the gate in the pouring rain. Still it had to be done and the gate is impressive.
Back to the YWCA, for tea and dry off before some of the party headed out again to see the Gudwara next door.
We are all well and looking forward to starting the real trip in the morning.
Sue and Dave.

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  1. Hi Everyone, Tried to post comment several times but it does not seem to want to work! Hope you will get this one as I really wish you to know I am praying for you all.


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