Friday, 22 February 2013

A hectic but fun day!

Today started off with a wonderful devotional from Slim Shady AKA Chris Shady AKA Slim Grady AKA Graham AKA Chris Grady, praying that we would rely on God and really see his work in the slums but also within our group. I think that a large part of our prayer throughout the trip went towards really seeing God's heart for Seelampur. Not just hoping to see a vast improvement but to also realise that some things take time and to appreciate all of the work we've been able to do and to see Him in the little things. As the day progressed we finished off all of the murals in the space and jungle rooms and gave a few of the rooms a fresh coat of paint and gave the main part of the Asha building its finishing touches. While most of the group were painting in the morning a few of the boys snuck off to play cricket with the local guys- even seeing an elephant on the way! The rest of the team ended up joining them around lunch time to watch the rest of their match. Despite the slight wait due to a herd of buffalo deciding to walk right through the pitch the London Lions beat the Delhi Devils and it was time for a quick lunch before fitting one last match in, with Georgi even bowling and batting a few times. It was wonderful to soak up the sun and enjoy a nice time out with the guys after praying for an opportunity to bond with them. The highlight of the day has to have been the absolutely wonderful dinner at Karim's, a traditional Mughlai restaurant in Green Park, founded in 1913. The evening was hosted by Freddie Martin, who is married to Kieran, who founded Asha nearly twenty five years ago. Everyone was fast friends with him and thoroughly enjoyed our taste of real Indian food, instead of what Freddie called "white people trying to choose Indian dishes", returning home very full but very satisfied. It really was the perfect way to end the day, causing everyone to return to the YWCA in high spirits. I'm very much looking forward to visiting a new slum tomorrow morning and fitting in one last shopping trip. Although I miss my friends, family, and soft bed this trip has opened my eyes to a whole new culture and I will find it extremely difficult to leave all of the friends and smiling faces I have met in Delhi. Looking forward to making the most of the few day we have left in such an amazing, bright and colourful city! Bethany xx


  1. What a delight to read your blog, Bethany. It is wonderful to know that you are all being so blessed in so many different ways and that the young people you are meeting are sharing in that blessing. Have an amazing time at the celebration at Seelampur slum. Love to all. xx

  2. It's been great hearing all the stories of your time in Delhi. Bringing back lots of memories of going last year with Holly and 2 years before to Seelamput. Lovely to read some familiar names of students who were hoping to go to university and are now nearly finished . Such an amazing achievement when you think of how difficult it is to study in those overcrowded homes. Enjoy your last day. Looking forward to hearing all about when you report back.

  3. A great post, and as Karen said it does bring back lots of lovely memories. I hope of what you have achieved this week and the life long memories you will carry from this are starting to sink in. You are all a huge blessing to these people, well done and God bless your last few days and celebrations.
    Alan B

  4. Fantastic news re engaging the boys - the cricket and friendships etc. It is through these young people being in college and Uni that things can change in the slums and HOPE comes. I can imagine the celebration has been a wonderful time - Enjoy your last day - these memories will be so important for you as you return to England. We are continuing to pray for health and safety. love, Heather and Ken x

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