Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ready and waiting for the team at the YWCA...

I am writing this sitting on my bed in the YWCA waiting for the team to arrive. I'm sure as I write, they are busy packing and preparing for the adventure that lies ahead. I think only 2 have been to India before, so they are in for a bit of a treat, as well as lots of eye-popping surprises! The itinerary is now agreed with Asha, and we have a great week planned: an Induction at Asha HQ on Saturday followed by clothes shopping in the market; sight-seeing on Sunday; Monday to Thursday working in    Seelampur; Friday visiting Mayapuri and finally the Celebration back at Seelampur on Saturday. The forecast looks dicey for the weekend, so please pray it doesn't rain too much as it will spoil things a bit, especially on Sunday.
The two Asha events last week were both wonderful. Kiran sang fantastically at the Cultural Evening on Friday and I saw lots of familiar faces from past trips (Rani,Sweeta,Saroj,Shiny, Treshi etc) which was such a treat. The event at the Hyatt on Saturday was spectacular and I can only imagine that the Asha team are both buoyant and exhausted now.
Anyway I'd better get some kip so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow...Although i don't suppose that's how the team will feel when I meet them after their overnight flight!
More from the team tomorrow....
Amanda xx

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  1. Hi everybody. You've arrived. Hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing journey, fitting in lots of sleep! Will be thinking of you all. Enjoy your first day in Delhi - be amazed!
    Lots of love to you all
    Mama Simpson


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