Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our second day in Delhi!

After a night of loud pigeons and thunder, we started this morning with a time of worship and prayer, and were reminded that God has called us all to be a part of this mission and as individuals we all have talents that we can bring.

We travelled by minibus to the Asha base and saw an Elephant in the middle of the road on the way, we all got very excited! We were told more about projects that Asha are working on and also met two Asha students which was really great- the Asha staff were really proud of the achievements the students had made and the students were telling us how grateful they were for the support that Asha had given them to help them get there.

After this, we decided to go to an Indian market and buy our Salwar Kameez (Indian clothes) which was really fun! Surprisingly the girls were quicker than the boys at choosing. We then headed to Pizza Hut for a late lunch and then travelled back over to the YWCA.

We were all really full after our lunch and so we decided to stay in tonight...we played corridor cricket, monopoly deal and a few other games and are now getting a fairly early night in preparation for a day seeing the sights in Delhi tomorrow. The whole team seem really excited to get stuck in and It's now sinking in... WE'RE IN INDIA!!

Nakita x


  1. Pizza Hut!? Loving reading these snippets of news. Have fun, stay well all of you x

  2. Surely Pizza Hut is cheating ;-) It sounds like you are having so much fun and you really made me laugh about the boys taking longer to choose their outfits - who'd have thought it.......
    God bless you all xxx

  3. Loving the blog.It's great getting different details about your experiences each day. Looking forward to seeing piccies of you in your salwar kameese and men's dooberies(can't remember the name.) Will be thinking of you all tomorrow as you enter the slums for the first time. Remember to use the hand gel- and stay well. Much love and blessings to you all.

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the blog. Hope tomorrow goes really well for you all - you are much in our prayers and thoughts. Love to all, Jonathan x


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