Friday, 15 February 2013

Arriving in Delhi!

So today is our first day in Delhi with Amanda who's been here since last wednesday. We had a great flight and everyone was very excited to arrive in Delhi and start our adeventure. We did however miss out on a good nights sleep only getting about 3 hours in total! Even though we were tired enthusiasm was still high and once we got settled in the YWCA and had a quick nap we headed out for our first sight seeing trip. We visited the local Sikh Mosque where we took a look around the inside of the Mosque whilst what we would call a 'prayer meeting' took place. We were informed all about Sikhism and inspired by their dedication to the poor and needy. Anyone can sleep at the temple and eat there for free. We visited the kitchen with huge pots and a big open oven where i got to flip chipattis with the cooks!! They then go out to feed about 10,000 a day, 25,000 on sundays! Their hospitality was incredible and there seems to be a real respect for all people no mattef your gender, religion or status. 

Already amazed by India and can't wait to see and experience more! Also very jetlagged, so signing off for now!! Night, Georgi


  1. So glad to hear you all arrived safely. By now you will be familiar with the immense traffic noise, colours and smells of the market place and the amazing atmosphere!!Hope you have managed some sleep too!!! Have you tried the Tuc Tuc's yet? - hang on tight!! Your week sounds full - and I know you will really enjoy your sightseeing discovering Delhi's history. Ken and I are praying for you all - for strong tummies, good sleep and for God's richest blessing in such a poor Slum. Look forward to hearing more of your news. Love Heather and Ken x

  2. Alongside God, you guys will achieve many wonderful things this week. With passion and a purpose may you encourage and develop friendships with the slum dwellers, serving them whilst giving Glory to God but also enjoying the experience for what it is. Love and prayers to you all, Mandy & Jaz xxx

  3. Hi everyone. So glad to hear ypu've arrived safely. Hoping that you'll have lots of fun today shopping for your outfits-can't wait to see the photos! Praying for you all to keep safe, have lots of fun as well as being challenged and stretched. Much love Sonja x


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