Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nearly ready to go!

Welcome back to the Delhi team blog for another year! Just thought I'd write a quick update before I fly off to Delhi tomorrow....
I am busy packing clothes, books (15 copies of Asha's new photographic story called "A Journey of Hope" that I am taking out for them to follow on from it's launch today), pencils and mural ideas, snack bars and lots of immodium of course! I am really excited to be going again although it's strange to be setting off without the team; I will definitely feel like I have forgotten something as I take off tomorrow evening. Still Jonathan is accompanying me on the first stage of the trip to join Asha in some of their celebrations for their 25th Anniversary, which will be wonderful. On thursday afternoon we are going to a celebration in a slum, on Friday a Cultural Evening where -amongst other things-Kiran is singing, and on Saturday a gala dinner with an Indian Government minister.
The second stage of the trip starts when the team arrive on Friday 15th and we go into the slum on Monday morning after a weekend of sightseeing, induction and acclimatising.
We are re-visiting Seelampur this year, which is the slum that St Stephens visited in 2010. It is the first time that we are going back to work in the same slum again and I can't wait to see some familiar faces and old friends. (Although it might be a bit odd painting over my own murals!) St Stephens is choosing to partner Seelampur for 3 years, helping to fund the Higher Education Programme, so it felt right to be spending another chunk of time there , especially with the kids and students. Please pray that we can form great relationships and really add value to their lives, bringing blessing, hope and lots of fun with us.
So, thanks for following this and do hold us all in your prayers. It means so much to have your support and to read your posts as well!
Lots of love
Amanda xx


  1. Amanda and Team,

    I have such mixed feelings as I read this entry, both excited at the knowledge that you'll all have a wonderful time with the Asha team and people of the Seelampur and a little sad not to be joining you.
    I can say you'll have a wonderful time with certainty, as you'll be met and looked after by the Asha team and the experience is rewarding, humbling and fun. You are all in my heart and prayers as you travel out. Take care of yourselves, each other and the special people you meet.

    With love
    Sue H

  2. Hi Amanda
    Your latest correspondence from Delhi has filled Hannah with excitement and me with envy! It is really reassuring to know that you are out there and acclimatising to the city in readiness for the team arriving next week.
    Enjoy the forthcoming further celebrations. I pray that it will be a truly blessed time for all at ASHA.

    Love Janette X


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